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4cast wesite label logosOur dealership offers the following skill sets to grow in. If you aren’t familiar, we provide complete training.

Audio and Video Equipment is provided through the 4 Cast Dealership program to the dealer. It is all wireless and includes: Microphones, Boom Microphones, Cameras, HD Eyewear covert video cameras, Panasonic Commercial Video Cameras, Lighting, Tripods and Training.

Generate Ad Revenue

StephenImage8Ad sales are available to large 5 Star Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, etc. This is where the dealer books the client on our travel channels and their respective foods, chefs, ambiance, mood is caught on video and is panoramic to show if it is filled with geriatrics or young party type clients with subdued lighting that you can view on your Android or Apple or TV by City. Places that look like your style for entertainment. Any ad sold, whether Video, Live Radio/TV, Website Ads, Pre-Recorded ads, provide the dealer with a 60 percent commission per month for as long as their ads are on contract with their client.

1adf26585afbf1edf1326d2421f9625dDealer Sales to another dealer is a 10% commission. E.g. For $28,500.00 normal price is a $2850.00 US Dollar income. Content Sales with up to 500 Channels of Premium and local programming earn you recurring commission.

Contract and Pricing
Security Solutions to Schools, Public Safety, Refineries, Ports, Manufacturing Plants, Churches, FM Radio Stations also provide you with additional sales and recurring revenue.

Golden GrowthCommit 3000.00 US Dollars Today and schedule training for the best opportunity of your life. Be your own Company and Boss!

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