Live at 6:00 PM MST – Thunder Down Under: At the Mercy of the State by Robert Coleman

Robert Coleman – At the Mercy of the State

At The Mercy Of
The State
… Based on the true life
story of Robert and
Janet Coleman

Not everything is at it appears! This true event unveils how the state of Michigan used corruption, seduction and lies in a scandal to accomplish the state’s child kidnapping plot! It is the 2008 life story of the fight for a family to stay together as a corrupt state attempts to keep them apart in the zest to make money! Author Robert Coleman provides a chilling narrative describing the entire spine tingling event that changed the life of his family forever!

* What happens when the state uses “false allegations” to
“kidnap” your children?

* What can a parent do upon discovery that the “chosen”
foster parents of the state are themselves abusing their

* Learn just how far some states will go to “retaliate” if
you fight for your kids!

This event actually happened! If you are a parent,
it can happen to you!

When I look at this world and see the criminal elements that not only exist in it, but who are, in fact, protected by our own governments, who either conceal facts or simply look past the crimes of these perpetrators, I have to ponder why it is that I find myself on the list of criminals in our society. It seems to me that we have much more visible, much worse criminal elements to concern ourselves with, whose crimes (which are real) far surpass the severity of what my crime was reported to be. The local, state, and federal governments continually protect their own, while going out of their way to prosecute the weak, the poor, the ones whose crimes do not even compare to their own. You see people like Dick Cheney, who has started up, operated, and served as CEO of corporations whose business is war. His actions are a direct result in the deaths of thousands of Americans, as well as many thousands of other people in countries other than our own. Yet he walks free, no punishment even considered for him. He is but one example. The mass number of Wall Street thieves who literally stole the savings of thousands of Americans is another. One or two were imprisoned, probably because they offended someone in their own ranks. The rest have been totally ignored by prosecutors.

My crime? I spanked my child. Why? Precisely because I don’t want my child to eventually become another Wall Street thief or a Dick Cheney. I do believe in the lost art of discipline, including spanking, so long as it is done in a corrective manner, and not in an abusive manner. In my case, a vindictive tenant accused me of abuse (to a state that was willing to listen) even though the facts were completely falsified. As a poor person in this country, however, I immediately am an evil offender, and in a child abuse accusation particularly, because this type of case gives the state an added opportunity to make money. This book covers that, as well as how the states go about setting up what you might call
legalized kidnapping rings.

What the state of Michigan did not plan on, however, is that my wife Janet and I might fight back. We did, and we are not through yet. You see, the undeniable truth is that I love my children and will not stand by idly while anyone attempts to take them away from me, be it the state or anyone else. My wife shares my views.

If, indeed, I were a true child abuser or molester, as the state of Michigan attempted to establish, it would have been a justified action. My step daughter, Caitlyn would indeed have been rescued. But if my intent were really to hurt her, I would not bother with corrective spanking. I would, instead, simply turn her over to Dick Cheney and let him take her on a hunting trip. He could then shoot her in the face, and the government would protect him. Moreover, he would probably find it quite sporting, as he doesn’t care much about the members of poor families anyway.

The system of justice in this country is a cruel joke on the American people.