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School districts will have their own 4Cast TV Channel that is private and can be used to televise the football games, shows, lectures etc to anywhere in the world where the grandparents live or while dad is traveling so they can watch their children.

School-lockdown-sign-e1358345437949-480-x-270The main purpose is to create a district’s faculty, parents of students, Bus Drivers, Superintendents, Principals, etc. If a lockdown were to occur by a situation, inherently parents begin to feel they are powerless, as no communication is allowed, only by press.

With this security option now, any one with a programmed celAAEAAQAAAAAAAAbHAAAAJGEyZDA4NGEyLTIxMDgtNDdmMC04ZDM0LWViY2ZkODA1NDI3NQl phone on the 4Cast Network within the private district, can alert an all call to all 1000’s of students, parents, etc. ┬áThe principal can activate with his Android or Apple and all phones are cued and alerted audibly where an announcement of the school is in lockdown and do 360 degree scans of the building to relieve parents.

Additionally, school closings can be announced by the superintendent at home looking out at 5 am and seeing 20 inches of snow on ground. The alert is intiated and all in the district are able to see the Superintendent as the announcement is read.

4Cast School App will save a fortune in admin costs and can be activated with one button.


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